Amezray Smnid


In summer 2012, I was fortunate enough to participate in a service-learning project designing a logo for a remote, Moroccan Berber community association, Amezray Smnid. Initially, I figured it would involve assembling some unique Berber symbols into a logo. However, Smnid's founder, Youssef Oulcadi, quickly nixed this, as the primarily Arab donors could find any reminders of the ongoing Berber cultural revolution offensive. Ultimately, Youssef and I arrived at the symbol of three strands coming together to form a rope. To the outside world, rope symoblizes individuals uniting for strength. In Amezray, rope is an object the villagers rely on and use on a daily basis, whether it be the men leading their donkeys, or women pulling on a loop of it while giving birth.

Produced for: Atlas Cultural Foundation / Association Amezray Smnid
Professors: Bill Rea and Cloe Medina Erickson

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